I Miss You.

Lately I’ve been missing dance so very much. I’m realizing it’s been 4.5 years since I got laid off my teaching jobs and pretty much said goodbye to the dance world. It’s a life I can barely remember, and one that doesn’t even feel tangible anymore.

I started dancing at age 5 because my mom not only wanted to get some energy out of me, but I would always dance when she turned music on…so I’ve heard. And ever since, I never looked back! The only time I took a break out of those 21 years was when my knee was injured in college.

Dance has always been my way of getting stuff out. My way of letting everything go and just being in the moment. It’s my time for me. My way to express myself emotionally and challenge myself physically. It’s a passion there are no words for.

Life without dance is always going to be a slightly empty one. There will always be a hole I don’t think anything can fill. And yes I know there are other artistic opportunities out there, but dance was meant for me. I was meant to dance.

I miss you. I miss you so much.


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