Treatment Progress 

Update – Decemeber 10, 2015

Since June 2014 I have been treating Lyme with oral antibiotics. So much so I barely have room in the pill cabinet for another bottle. For insurance purposes treating orally is rather cost effective (since we have good insurance), but the side effects of the antibiotic and the die-off symptoms are just awful. 

This time last year I was on a break from treatment for two months to get my candida under control, and focus on the anti-candida diet to get my gut back on track. It ended up being a turning point in my treatment and a lifestyle I was going to keep. The best part was my gut was the healthiest it had been in two years! Granted I was still having cramping, inflammation, and small painful episodes, it wasn’t a daily battle. All thanks to this low sugar diet. Who knew food MADE that much of a difference in healing Lyme! 

Of course once my gut was in a better place it was time to start focusing more on Babesia, as Lyme is more difficult to treat when you have co-infections complicating the process. However as you increase treatment, the medications are harder on your body and the die-off symptoms are more intense, often unbearable. I always thought I had a high pain tolerance and could handle medication well. But some of these medications, such as Flagyl & Meprone, pushed my body to the point where I couldn’t handle it. I understand treating Lyme and co-infections is not going to be easy, but there comes a point where one can only handle so much. 

By the end of July I hit a brick wall. My gut was completely trashed again from the combination of antibiotics and herbs, and I was experiencing a new set of symptoms that almost put me in the ER. It was three weeks of hell! Uncontrollable anxiety attacks (and often for no specific cause), chest pains, shortness of breath to the point where I felt like I couldn’t breath, barely had the energy or capacity to walk to the bathroom, nausea was off the charts, stomach was in knots and not processing food correctly, and was having full body ticking attacks (twitching/shaking like having a seizure) for longer than I’ve ever had. In a way it was nice to know the treatment was working, but I couldn’t handle the feeling like I was dieing. 

I went to my doctor and finally said my gut has had enough and we need to try a treatment that works effectively, yet gives me days to actually live my life. First step was taking a break to recover from the damage (and GET MARRIED!!!! 😁👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨💍💒), then start with a new plan. 

This new plan included parasite treatment, as my doctor was suspicious this was part of the issue. And working with a medicinal system called homeopathy. Homeopathy is often gentler on the system yet very effective when used with herbs to treat Lyme and all co-infections. I have been on this regimen since early November and so far so good. The hurxing is much less and I’ve been a bit more active at home; including doing some yoga and simple strength training exercises. Yippee! 
It’s all a balancing act. 

All you can do is be patient, surround yourself by the things that make you comfortable, and tell your doctor everything!